Every day in South Carolina, there are children who are being abused, abandoned, neglected, and becoming homeless at an alarming rate. The Palmetto School at CAH was established in 2004 to meet the educational needs of abused and neglected children who were placed at the Children’s Attention Home in Rock Hill, South Carolina for emergency shelter by the Department of Social Services (DSS). Many of these children are absent in traditional schools because of injury, illness, or lack of parental support to get them to school on a regular basis. Because of the instructional learning deficits, children who have been removed from their homes by DSS often arrive at Palmetto School at CAH significantly below grade level in all academic areas.

The Palmetto School has two full time teachers and two part-time teachers. The Palmetto School is much smaller than most schools and has to receive 60% of its funding from grants, private donors, and fundraising events. The Musical, Drama, and Visual Art Teachers are volunteers that are professional musicians and/or artists that have been teaching music, drama, and art to children for over 10 years. The School not only serve children from the Children’s Attention Home but also Children from Safe Passage and Pilgrims Inn.